• Welcome to the Lions TT...
  • Australia's newest Motorcycle Festival
  • and café racer Sprint event
  • Border Ranges | 4 - 6 October
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What is the event all about?

What is the Lions TT?

The Lions TT Motorcycle Festival, including café racer sprint, is aiming to embed a history and tradition for all varieties of motorcycles, riders and enthusiasts. As three-day and night motorcycle festival we have created an event that It is open to all motorcycle brands, types of custom motorcycles and racing industry characters.

The Lions TT Group, along with its partners and sponsors, aim to make this THE Motorcycle Event that enthusiasts dream of, making it an annual "must-do" pilgrimage....think Sturgis meets the Isle of Man TT.

What is the ethos of the event?

The Lions Rd runs between Rathdowney and on the way to Kyogle and is without doubt a national treasure. Accordingly, by using this amazing road for this weekend, we are raising money to enable further improvements to the road's condition and safety. We are very pleased to be supported by both the Kyogle Regional Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council through the pioneering of the inaugural Lions TT

It is a meeting point for all motorcycle enthusiasts, designers, engineers, developers and their motorcycles, for international personalities, racers and trendsetters of the scene.

A carnival of motorcycle life!?

In the heart of Kyogle, vendor placements, a dealer paddock and street carnival atmosphere will run over 3 days. Kyogle will be offering it’s warm country town hospitality to all who come. It will consist of participants, customizers and clubs from all over Australia, along with key motorcycle industry celebrities.

Sponsor, vendor, dealer and rider participation will play a great role in making the Lions TT successful.

Where is the road?

The Lions TT, Kyogle and Scenic Rim Councils are offering access to the famous Lions road where 40km of the road is blocked off to all except participating motorcyclists, which essentially means no on-coming traffic to worry about in those tight corners.

Running along side the Lions TT event will be our 1/8-mile motorcycle sprint in Kyogle during the day. With show acts and live music it will be entertaining with well-known bands during the evening.